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Golden Eagle festival

Mongolia festivals

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Kazakhs have a tradition of hunting on horseback with trained steppe eagles. A well- trained eagle flies back to his masters saddle when other horses approach. The festival is held in early October the Eagle Hunting Festival, a colorful and picturesque event attracting the best hunters and birds, and an important celebration for the local community. The festival begins with eagle hunters parade and each hunter displaying the hunting outfits and elaborate, beautifully adorned accessories. Later, the hunting eagles are evaluated for their skills. This event represents the very essence of the culture of nomadic Kazakhs and if you like to have once-in-life experience.

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Getting to Mongolia

getting to Mongolia

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Plenty of ways bring you to Mongolia and get around once you are here in our country by AIR and by TRAIN.

By air:

The most of visitors to Mongolia arrive by air. Mongolian national airline MIAT headquartered in Ulaanbaatar and operates international scheduled services from its base at Chinggis khan international airport in Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka and Berlin via Moscow. Also, Turkish airline operates from Istanbul to Ulaanbaatar flights 3 times in a week.

By train:

The most famous railway runs from Moscow through to Beijing, passing through Mongolia.You can start your trip at any of these points.

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